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I’m a guitarist, teacher, producer and composer. Here is something about me!

He played for many artists and collaborated with excellent Italian and international brands, such as: Xotic effects USA, Cicognani engineering, Essetipicks and Tucci Instruments with whom he participated in NAMM 2020 as technicalconsultant for their new line of guitars.

He graduated in 2009 at the Lizard Academy in Turin in “rock-fusion guitar” with the honors degree (30/30 and special mention), under the guidance of Miky Bianco. Since then he hase held classes and workshops in many courses of electric guitar, effects, improvisation and ensemble music.

Class 1985, Denny discovers at the age of 9 his passion for music and, for about 25 years, he has been playing electric and acoustic guitar, certainly inspired by the great rock and funk guitar heroes of the past, but very sensitive to the idea of musical “fusion”: to him the best way to mix contaminate and create new sounds. 

He works as a live and studio session man but his main projects are the “Magasin du cafè” World-Prog Rock band, and his solo project, out now with the first record “Difonia”.
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DIFONIA is available now!

Difonìa: “simultaneous emission of two sounds due to an injury to the vocal cords”.
The funk’s groove and the rock’s energy of these songs, are my best representation of this concept.

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  • Signed copy
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Difonia is out now on all channels

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  • 14/11/2023

    MdC Piazzolla portrait
    @Teatro Erba TO Italy

  • 14/10/2023

    Trio Live
    @Private Event PV Italy

  • 28/08/2023

    Difonia Live
    @Open Baladin Italy

  • 23/08/2023

    Magasin du Cafè Live
    @Barcellona Spain

  • 01/05/2023

    Magasin du Cafè Live
    @Sunset Sunside, Paris France


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